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1997 Central States Heavy Duty Compact Rescue. Responds to all medical calls as well as motor vehicle accidents and other rescue calls. 410 carries an engine driven 25 KW electric generator and a 9000 watt deployable light tower as well as preconnected hydraulic cutters and spreaders (jaws of life). The Rescue also carries a full compliment of air operated tools and lifting/rescue air bags (capable of lifting up to 100 tons). This truck also carries our air cascade system for refilling firefighter air packs on scene. This truck is classified as a non-transporting ambulance. 410 also has a 200 gallon water tank and a single preconnected firefighting line capable of water or foam discharge.
410 - 1997 Central States Heavy Duty Compact Rescue
407 - 1999 Ford Crown Victoria
404 - 1999 KME Firetruck
403 - 1989 Emergency 1 Firetruck
401 - 1996 4-Wheel Drive GMC 3/4 ton Pickup Truck